Another Low Snow Season? And the Upcoming Spring ’17

Hello Eden followers. It’s Friday, Feb 3, 2017, and our furry weatherman, the groundhog, has predicted another 6 weeks of Winter. But currently, our Winter has been as feeble, snow-wise, as the 2015-16 season was. With less than 4 weeks left until the end of meteorologic Winter, we could get snow, but chances decrease weekly.

Of course, we could still get dumped on in March. It does happen. But chances are we could be faced with an early Spring. Oh, the horror!, say some of my snow loving friends. But for me, a landscaper going into his 49th season, Spring can never come too early.

So, start thinking about your landscape. February is a great time to plan for upcoming projects. Nurseries will be opening by about mid-March, and plants will be come available soon. Consider Spring cleanup, mulch, and maybe ripping out and replacing some of those older, overgrown and unsightly foundation plantings.

If your landscape is 30 years or older, it may be time to redesign and renovate. Call us now before we get busy. A perfect time to sit and discuss your landscape plans for 2017.

See you soon!

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