Fall 2013 Is Here – Are You Ready?

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Oct 31, 2013

November is upon us. The leaves are falling, lawn mowing is almost done, and you’re ready to put the garden tools away. NOT SO FAST!!

Those innocuous leaves laying on your lawn may look pretty, but what are they doing to your landscape? Leaves left lying on the lawn block the sun from the turf, which will kill the grass if left lying long enough. You’ll end up with brown spots, and you’ll need to reseed come Spring. And thoseĀ  leaves that have collected under your shrubs, and up against the house? Guess what? Prime hiding spots for over-wintering adult insects, and mice! Make sure your leaves are picked up when they’re all done falling.

Have you given your lawn that final cutting? Or have you just shrugged your shoulders, figuring, what harm will it do? Tsk, tsk. Another bad move.

Lawns that are left long, and then snow covered, can get snow mold. Yes, there is a fungus that will live and multiply under snow cover. It favors long, packed down blades of grass. You know, the ones you decided to leave long, rather than get that one last cut in. It looks like a melted out, flat area, which you will see when the snow melts. Time to get out the grass seed.

And, on top of that, field mice can use the long grass as cover, to move under the snow. It creates a small buffer between the snow pack, and the soil, and they will create runs or tunnels to get around under the blades of grass. You can see these also when the snow melts. But by then, they’re probably in your house.

So, clean up the leaves, and cut the lawn short. Your property will thank you. The mice, not so much.

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