This section is for frequently asked questions. If there is a question you have relating to landscaping or lawns, please send it to us at edenet2016@gmail.com

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Q: I just used Roundup™ on my lawn to kill weeds. Now I have brown spots all over. What did I do?

A: You didn’t take the time to read the label! That is the first thing to do BEFORE using any herbicide. Roundup™ is a non-selectiveherbicide, which means it will kill EVERYTHING, both desirable and undesirable plants. You will need to reseed all the brown areas. Use a broadleaf weed control product next time. It will kill ONLY weeds.


Q: It’s October. Is this a good time to plant new trees and shrubs?

A: YES! This is a GREAT time to plant. Weather conditions are favorable, and the nurseries are still well stocked. We can plant right up until the ground freezes in December. Check with us for design ideas and nursery stock availability.


Q: I have dozens of what look like large mosquitoes flying around my lawn. What is this?

A: What you have is Cranefly. While extremely large populations may cause some lawn damage, this is usually rare. They are considered a nuisance due to their large numbers during mating season, when they fly into everything and everyone. They do NOT bite! For more info, go to this link http://whatcom.wsu.edu/CraneFly/faq.htm


Q: After this year’s drought, is my lawn dead or dormant?

A: The simple answer is, water a small area of your lawn. If it greens up in a few days, then the answer was dormant. If not, dead, and in need of further help. Email or call us for solutions. Also, you might want to check out our post “2010 Drought”


Q: It’s been really hot and dry, and my trees seem to be dropping a lot of leaves. What’s causing this?

A: Your trees are suffering from lack of water, and are in self-preservation mode. While this may look serious, it will only be so IF you fail to water your trees. Once water is restored on a regular basis, and the tree has no other stressors, such as extreme heat or insect problems, it will hold its leaves, and also grow new ones. Remember, a tree with a 2-1/2 inch trunk requires 20 gallons of water PER DAY, so imagine what larger trees require! Put your sprinkler out, and get to watering.

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