Goodbye 2018

This is our first blog in quite sometime. Funny how the time flies when you’re too busy to do anything other than concentrate on work.

2018 was a strange year. We saw our share of employment issues, which made getting our work done a challenge, pretty much all season. Really quite a lesson learned, the difference 1 person, or lack thereof, can make. It was difficult to find new help in a low unemployment environment. While unemployment nationally was under 4%, in this industry, it’s more like under 1%.

In my conversations with other employers, in a vast array of fields, it seems the concensus is :

1- Most 20 somethings either don’t want to work, end up “ghosting” you once hired, or decide that normal business hours don’t apply to them.

2- Most potential employees have an over-inflated view of what their lack of skills are worth.

3- Most of them will end up letting you down, or just stop showing up, without any notice

I am not saying that this is true of ALL 20 somethings, but there seems to be a trend. To say that the old-fashioned worth ethic seems to have vanished is NOT an overstatement.

And then, there was the rain. I was expecting to get job requests for ark building. It was surprising that we were able to maintain any semblance of a schedule for the second half of the season. And what work we could, or did, do was usually a muddy mess. Very difficult to maintain quality with conditions such as we had. As of this writing, 2018 is the 2nd wettest year on record for the Philadelphia area.

Looking Forward

I apologize if the above sounded like I was complaining. Just observations and opinions.

We are hoping for a better 2019. A bit drier, just as busy, and fully staffed. There is a good chance that we may have to do less, in hopes of keeping our existing client base happy. Maybe taking on a few less new jobs, and hoping for extra work for our old clients. (hint, hint).

Meanwhile, we hope that our wet weather pattern will change soon, so that we don’t run the risk of having to dig out from 2 feet of snow any time soon.

We wish you a great 2019, a pleasant and uneventful Winter, a Groundhog that doesn’t see his shadow, and look forward to seeing our clients come Spring!

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