Preventing A Repeat of the Spring of ’14

9/26/15. This for all of my followers who have landscapes. You know, trees, shrubs, plantings around your property. It has been really dry lately. REALLY dry! Remember how many plants were dead coming out of last Winter? Dead evergreens, or really bad winter burn? Same thing can happen next Spring.

Why? Same pattern. We had a very dry Fall 2014, and then it was very cold. Now, I’m not saying this Winter will be as cold. I hope not. But it is just as dry now.

SO… the solution is very easy. WATER YOUR PLANTS. The water bill will be far lower than the cost of replanting next Spring.

You should be watering at least once a week. All of your trees. All of your shrubs. They will thank you for it. By being alive next year.

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